John Sebastian

John Sebastian

Grad Student

About Me

Hello! I am a scientist and engineer pursuing interdisciplinary research in fluid mechanics, electrokinetics and nano-scale systems, with a strong theoretical and applied math focus. My research over the past several years has been on the investigation of geometry (at smaller and smaller scales) and the associated physics- especially of air/ hydrofoils, flexible structures, architectured materials and (micro)fluidic systems. I am currently a master’s student in the Green Lab (the Fluid Mech Lab) and I aim to partake in the discovery and development of new physics at tiny scales where the science becomes truly interdisciplinary, to aid the study of the natural world around us and to build solutions to unmet societal needs.

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Nano, Micro, Bio Fluidics
  • Electokinetics


Ernst Mach- Analysis of Sensations
Discussion on Ernst Mach’s Analysis of Sensations, Chapter 4 at the History and Philosophy of Science Meeting, 15 December 2021.
On Tread Patterns: Parameterisation and Inverse Design
A novel method for the inverse design of tyre tread patterns is presented. This method which makes use of structural and geometric analysis is particularly useful in the designing of passenger car and bus/truck radial tyres.
SAE Short Course on Aero Design
One-day Short Course for engineering students from all over Kerala, India.
Microfluidics for the World
A talk presenting the current works and potential of microfludics as an enabling technology
Film-Evaporation Microthruster for Cubesats
A review of the state of the art in microthruster technology


Steven Weinberg: Four Golden Lessons

Steven Weinberg’s Advice to Students at the start of their Scientific Careers

How to Speak by Patrick Winston

Notes on Prof Patrick Wilson’s talk on “How to Speak”

Personal RMarkdown Resources

Some of the handy Markdown tricks I’ve come across and found useful, and collected for reference

Tyres: The Science of Black Magic

Published in the 2020 yearbook of SAE INDIA CET Chapter